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NeoBux Scam
The Ongoing Investigations List

These are sites that are either too new, under new ownership, was once a forced investment site within the past 6 months, site lost database, or we can not make a clear judgment on their status. They also can be controversial sites that people can not agree on whether or not they can be a safe site to use. Sites with slow growth can also be placed here if we feel the admin is not motivated enough.

Most sites on this list have minor glitches or are too new. We do not endorse, nor deem them as a scam. They have yet to prove themselves and will remain on this list till they have proven their worth.
PTC LIST Minimum
User Ratings
We have united all the lists of PTC sites, in a single list. The sites below are sorted based on reputation and positive votes number.
AdFiver Review
Full Review #1 Adfiver.com
$3.00 Rate AdFiver
BuxVertise Review
Full Review #2 Buxvertise.com
$2.00 Rate BuxVertise
UseClix Review
Full Review #3 Useclix.com
$4.00 Rate UseClix
PaidVerts Review
Full Review #4 Paidverts.com
$1.00 Rate PaidVerts
GrandBux Review
Full Review #5 Grandbux.net
$5.00 Rate GrandBux
If you want your site to appear in the list above, we need to do a review on it then send an email to [email protected]