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NeoBux Scam
The Watch List

A site will go on our Watch List:

• Nulled Script (stolen layout or site)
• A discrepancy was found that made the site look suspicious
• Delays in payments or not paying within their own terms.
• Only allowing users to cashout within a short window of time. Where users can only cashout if the site daily limit has not been reached.
• Paypal, Payza (formerly known as AlertPay), or some other payment processor frozen their account.
• Too many sites ran by one owner and many of them not paying...
• Site showing for sale and no warning for members - Since the site's future is in question and investors are @ risk.
PTC LIST Minimum
User Ratings
We have united all the lists of PTC sites, in a single list. The sites below are sorted based on reputation and positive votes number.
AdFiver Review
Full Review #1 Adfiver.com
$3.00 Rate AdFiver
BuxVertise Review
Full Review #2 Buxvertise.com
$2.00 Rate BuxVertise
UseClix Review
Full Review #3 Useclix.com
$4.00 Rate UseClix
PaidVerts Review
Full Review #4 Paidverts.com
$1.00 Rate PaidVerts
GrandBux Review
Full Review #5 Grandbux.net
$5.00 Rate GrandBux
If you want your site to appear in the list above, we need to do a review on it then send an email to [email protected]